EP1. *Goblin Crown* for life and sleeping ☾

This super soft series was handmade in a London lockdown, 2020. Limited to 10 pieces only due to use of luscious deadstock fabric that bares both a navy and dark olive coloured hue.

These blessed (and reversible)
hats and neck warmers are available to purchase - priced between 13 and 73 shiny gold coins.
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Hubbard Crown (2/3) 73gbp
Gentle Neck Embrace (1/2) 13gbp
Noberu Pot Crown (sold out) 53gbp
Essential Goblin Crown (sold out) 33 gbp
Avant-guard Crown (1) 43gbp
Ponyo’s Potty Crown (1) 63gbp

Trois eggs ina heart shaped box (⧜) 23gbp

** You may find an egg in your order. Please send me a message to organise P&P.

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